Wind of the Spirit’s (WOTS) Youth Le.D program is:

  • A youth leadership development program based off of the Quaker-founded Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP).
  • This is the fourth year Wind of the Spirit’s Youth Le.D has used an AVP-informed individualized curriculum catered to the local youth’s experiences and needs.
  • Through experiential workshops in personal growth, community development, the arts, and creative conflict management, Youth Le.D fosters a community of upcoming leaders.
  • From 2015 through 2017 Youth Le.D focused on building an international movement of creative conflict resolution built on affirmation, respect for all, community, cooperation and trust across countries.
  • From 2018 and on, program leaders will shift efforts to meet local needs by taking into account the experiences of Youth Le.D participants. This manifests in a structural change, centering local community within the global efforts towards restorative justice.

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